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The Adikavi, the poet of poets, of India, who gave the world the immortal epic, 'Ramayana'. Valmiki, was not always a saint, was born in a brahmin family and his name was 'Ratnakar'. He was an infamous bandit who lived in a jungle with his wife and children and no traveler who passed through the jungle was safe. If need be he never hesitated to kill the innocent pilgrims to achieve his object.

One day Devershi Narada passed through the forest and as usual the bandit was on the look out for victims and as soon as he saw a sage approaching joyously singing and playing on his veena, Ratnakar jumped down before the sage and threatened to kill. 

The conversations between Ratnakar and Devershi Narada transformed Ratnakar. He then had a divine vision of Brahma, who urged Valmiki to use his potential to the maximum and write the story of Ramayana. Those who have read Ramayana have bowed to Valmiki with great respect.

The college is named after this great poet of all times in the year 2008 by the state government.