Necessary instructions for receipt of scholarship

In accordance with article 341/342 of the constitution, the competent authority of the caste certificate in accordance with the amendment act, 1978. it shall be mandatory to submit by

B. A. , B.Sc., M.A., and M.Sc. the former entrant will have to attach the income certificate of the same candidate from the competent authority.

The scholarship should be sanctioned in september or within a month from the last date of taking over the state.

The attendance of the student/student during the period of receipt of scholarship is mandatory to be 75 in each of the respective wishes.

The scholarship will be paid as per the direction of the government. the eligible scholarship for the students/students who have got temporary admission will be only after taking permanent admission.

B. A. , B.Sc., M.A., and M.Sc. if the admission will be by the 20th of the month, only then will he get the scholarship for that month.

The dates for submission of application form in the college will be entered by the college from time to time.

In addition to this, sc/s scholarships are given by the department of tribal welfare to students/girls belonging to scheduled tribes and backward classes.

for the entire correspondence, students should keep in touch with the office. pay attention to the notifications that are removed from time to time.

Complete the required entries by receiving the application form from the office and submit it by the due date. it may not be possible to consider the application form received after the due date.

The attendance of the students in the class should not be less than 75% otherwise they will be considered ineligible for the scholarship.