Vision and Mission


Quality education andproduce generation responsible citizens” and also with theconstant efforts of the people of the remote areas to setup a highereducational institution. Keeping in consideration of the requirement of highereducational setup for the tribal students.


v The college mission -motto aims to impart quality education to studentbelonging to typically backward and Trible areas for updating their knowledge,making them socially aware and to imbibe mortality.

v The college curriculum provides opportunity for the students to studyArts, Science and Commerce by opting for B.A., B.Sc. and B. Com respectivelyand M.A. in Economics, Political Science and M.Sc. Zoology (regular courses) orM.A. in Hindi, English, History and Sociology (Private course).

v The college also provides sports facilities along optimum opportunitiesto shine in the field.

v The admission policy provides reservations for the reserved categories ofapplicants of which candidates of Scheduled Tribes are in abundance in thisregion since it is tribal area.

v During admission, preference is given to the applicants from the nearbyvillage within the district.

v A compulsory subject, for eco-awareness is introduced in the first yearof the three-year degree courses named Environmental Studies by affiliatinguniversity.

v To provide qualityeducation in the disciplines of arts, humanities, social sciences, naturalsciences and other disciplines of learning.